Tips to Finding the Perfect Mattress

If you wake up with body aches and pains, you should probably consider buying a new mattress urgently. However, you should be careful because you need the best mattress Singapore. Before going to the store for a mattress, find out what you don’t like about your current one. Is it too soft? Too firm? Is the mattress sunken? The state of your current mattress and your reasons behind the new purchase will serve as an excellent guide when buying a new one. Discuss your concerns with the mattress vendor so that you can get the perfect mattress. Guide on best mattresses in Singapore.

In the following article, Joel Koh discusses the various types of mattresses and where you can buy them in Singapore. 

Where to buy mattresses in Singapore 

“In my previous article about 9 Things That Are Definitely Worth Spending More Money On, I touched on why it is important to invest more in your mattress.

This is because a bad mattress can increase your stress levels; lead to back pain;, more snoring; and make you more susceptible to ailments linked to sleep deprivation.

For the precious little sleep we have, investing in a better mattress just makes sense for our comfort and our health.” Read more here  

Besides deciding which mattress is ideal, you will also need to decide where to buy the mattress. Should you shop online or physically go to an outlet for the mattress. According to VISA, 26% of Singaporeans shop online weekly. Although buying online is less strenuous, going to a tore physically has its benefits. For example, you will see a larger array of mattresses, you can bargain for a better price, and you also get to test the mattress to confirm it is right for you. Buying a mattress online also has its pros, including discounted rates and shopping convenience. 

Masons home decor, in the next article, discusses some of the best mattresses in Singapore, with an emphasis that price is not a determinant of a good mattress. 

Risks of using price as a guide when buying a mattress

With all the hustle and bustle that we do every day, having a well-rested and good night’s sleep is something that would prep us for the next day. One of the most important things that would help us in getting this rested sleep is by having a mattress that we can rely on. A sturdy but comfortable mattress would enable our bodies to recharge and become well-rested as opposed to a mattress that is too soft or too firm. Read more here

A common misconception amongst buyers is a more expensive product is definitely of better quality than a cheaper one. While this is true for most products, it is not entirely true for others. The assumption is that sleeping on a $2000 mattress is sleeping better than the one on a $200 mattress. However, if the more expensive mattress is too hard, the owner will be uncomfortable. This is why, even with a budget, it is best to look at the features you want in a mattress.

In the following article on, the writer discusses various aspects of mattresses not to overlook, including how to get a mattress for a couple. 

Choosing the right mattress for a couple

“If you’re not getting a restful sleep at night, it might be time to buy a new mattress. So print and keep this guide on navigating the maddening world of mattress buying.

It pays to do your research for this expensive buy, which should last you the next 10 years. Here’s some expert advice:

Rule #1. How do you know you have the right mattress?” Read more here  

If you think buying a mattress for one person is hard, try getting one as a couple. The search for the best mattress Singapore is even going to be harder if both have different preferences regarding how soft or firm the mattress is. Fortunately, some manufacturers foresaw this challenge. This is why some mattresses are softer on one side and firmer on the other. Mattress toppers are also available to make the mattress more comfortable if one partner feels the mattress is not ideal. 

Before buying a mattress, whether you are doing it online or going to a retail store, you need to remember to take your time. Don’t treat buying the mattress as an emergency. You need to find out what you are getting out of the mattress, irrespective of the price. If possible, start shopping for a mattress before you need a new one. This way, you can take the time to explore the various mattresses in the market and organize the funds.