Tips on Buying a Baby Pillow

Parenting is mostly about making decisions that affect your child. One of the decisions you’ll be making will be whether your baby should use a pillow or not. This is a thorny issue because some people recommend using a baby pillow Singapore, while some critics are equally loud about the dangers of one.

Yes, there are risks associated with the use of a baby pillow. However, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Additionally, your choice of baby pillow will determine if it will be helpful or harmful to your child. Learn more about baby pillows here: .

Choose a pillow that supports your baby’s head.

There is no shortage of baby pillows in the market. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. While the choice of colour will depend on your individual preference, the baby pillow’s shape and size will depend on your baby’s age and size. 

 If you are getting a newborn’s baby pillow, a concave pillow design is ideal since it takes on the baby’s head without altering the shape. This pillow also helps raise the head to prevent the flat head syndrome. 

Pillow fabric

When buying a pillow for your baby, you need to look at the fabric of the pillow. This is because this is what will influence how comfortable your baby will feel lying on the pillow. Additionally, some fabrics will determine how firm the pillow will be even after months of use. 

Some baby pillows lose shape even when the baby is too light to affect the pillow’s shape. Consider high-quality fabric that is absorbent and firm. This will guarantee your baby comfort whenever he lies down. 

Test the pillow’s firmness

Before buying a baby pillow Singapore, you need to test how firm the pillow is before using it. A pillow that is too firm will be uncomfortable for your baby. It will also alter your baby’s natural posture. 

When testing the baby pillow to determine if it is firm enough, press the pillow’s middle and observe how quickly the original shape is restored. If it goes back into shape quickly, it is firm and soft enough for your baby. If it takes longer to get back in shape, then it is too hard and inadequate for use. 

Pillow size

When shopping for a baby pillow, you will find them available in different sizes. The various pillows are designed to cater for babies of different ages and weight. Newborns require a small baby pillow Singapore because of their body size. 

Using a big pillow on a newborn will strain the baby’s back and shoulders, resulting in discomfort and poor posture. You are better of starting with a small baby pillow and get a larger one later should the baby require a bigger size.

The baby pillows in the market can be multi-functional, depending on the type you get. If you travel a lot and are likely to keep moving with your baby, you need to get a baby pillow that can also serve as a travel pillow. This way, you won’t be forced to get several pillows.