Everything to Know about Buying a Mattress Online

Shopping online is slowly becoming the norm in Singapore, as more people take advantage of the convenience. Mattress vendors also offer online services for those who don’t want the stress of moving from one outlet to another in search of the best mattress Singapore. Before visiting online mattress stores, you need to ensure you have the specifications of the mattress you need. For example, you need to know your mattress size, preferred type, and budget. Some online stores offer lower prices than brick and mortar outlets, so it is best to compare rates to see where you are likely to make a saving. 

Dr Snooze, in the following article, breaks down online mattress shopping by giving details on mattress sizes, types, and the benefits of buying a mattress online. 

Pros and cons of buying a mattress online

“It’s that time in life to purchase a new mattress, and like any significant purchase, you’re going to do as much research as you can before forking out that money, because you’re a smart and informed consumer. I know you are confused by the number of options available today, but don’t worry we’re here to teach you how to sort out the best from the rest.” Read more here  

Buying a mattress online is less stressful because you can move from one online store to another easily without getting exhausted. Since you may be shopping straight from the warehouse, the mattress may be cheaper since there will be no added cost associated with operating a retail store. Online retailers also give as much information on the best mattresses in Singapore to make the selection process easier. Often, the information you get may not be readily available should you physically visit a store. Some online retailers also offer free delivery. The downside is you miss out on testing the mattress before buying. You also miss out on personalized customer service. 

In the next article, the writer discusses the different types of mattresses in Singapore and how to choose the right firmness.  

How to identify the best firmness on a mattress

“In an earlier post, we shared what to look out for when you are out shopping for a new mattress. Things to consider such as trial nights, warranty, and if you should be buying a big item like a mattress online. We will now share in-depth on how to choose the best mattress when shopping in Singapore.

What type of mattress to choose?” Read more here  

One of the difficult things to do when buying the best mattress Singapore is deciding if a mattress is too soft or too firm. This is a feature that often determines how comfortable you’ll be with one mattress over another. If you have lower back pain, you should use a firm mattress. Your sleeping style will also influence your choice of mattress. Back sleepers should use a mattress with medium firmness. Those who turn a lot are better off with a medium-soft mattress, while side-sleepers will sleep best on a soft mattress. 

In the following article, Khoo Bee Khim discusses how your body and sleeping habits will influence your mattress choice. 

Factors that will influence the mattress you choose

“It’s about hygiene, said Marcus Goh, founder of Hennsley, a Singapore mattress brand. You don’t want unwanted bedmates such as mites and bugs, which the mix of dead skin cells and perspiration accumulated in the mattress are wont to attract, causing allergies in some people.

You also don’t want a saggy, squeaky mattress that no longer supports your body. If you find yourself sinking more than 2.5cm when you lie on it, it’s time to shop for another mattress – regardless of how long you’ve had it” Read more here  

Although the size of your bed and room will influence the type of mattress you buy, there are factors which many people overlook. For example, you should consider your weight, especially if you are obese. Latex and memory foam mattresses distribute weight across the mattress, so they are a great option. If you sweat at night, you need a mattress that sleeps cool. If you share the mattress, consider your sleeping positions and whether one partner turns a lot in their sleep. 

If you are shopping online, you should focus on the mattress features and find out what each one means. For example, latex mattresses are heavy, so if they are to be carried up several flights of stairs, consider the possibility that it will cost you more. Visit various online stores to see which one offers you a better deal in terms of price, after-sales service, warranty, and the mattress’s life span. This is the way to ensure you get the best mattress in Singapore.