Tips to communicate with your nursery going kid

For any kid, their development in the initial stage of their lives through education is very important. When a child starts attending his or her preschool or is in the nursery, one of the important factors upon which his or her personality and innate education depend is the communication that they have with their parents. Sometimes, it is seen that parents, with their involvement and communication with their kids, educated them in such a way that lasts for a lifetime. So talking to your nursery-going child is very important. But some parents are often clueless about what to talk about with their child or how to talk with them. So, here are some tips to communicate with a nursery going kid.

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• It is often seen that nursery going kids are very curious and they question about almost everything that they see around them. It has been seen that some parents have the tendency to ignore those questions stating reasons that they are very busy. But this is very wrong. It is good that a child is curious and parents should have the minimum time to answer their small questions both factually and politely.

• The tone of the speech of the parents should always be kept in check. The nursery kids learn how to construct sentences and speak in this stage, thus, if the tone is not kept in check or they will be capturing the wrong tone of speaking.

• It is useless to explain a single thing or situation a number of times in one go. So it is always advisable not to over-explain. It is often seen that simple explanations work more effectively rather than long discussions. So be crisp be easy when you explain anything to your preschooler.

• Attention is something that every nursery kid or a pre-schooler demands from their parents and they actually deserve every bit of it. Even if you are busy or tired and at that very moment your kid wants to play with you, just be honest and tell them that you are a bit tired and need some time to freshen up. They would appreciate your honesty and would understand your feelings provided you give them the necessary attention.

• Development of emotional awareness can easily happen at home. The parents should communicate and talk about any misbehaviour or unusual actions even without scolding the nursery kid. In this way, effective communication can be easily established.

There are special workshops arranged for the parents in the nursery school in Singapore so that the parents have a clear idea on how to communicate with their preschool kids.