How to Boost Memory Power and Concentration in Your Preschooler

Between 1 to 3 years of age, the child’s brain is developing at a rapid rate. A child is capable of learning things faster than an adult. Hence it is necessary to look out for diet and activities that is capable of enhancing his memory. The best way to ensure your child’s brain development is to pack his diet with superfood. Below is a list of superfood that are easy to obtain and prepare for your child.

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Salmon- Fish like salmon are fatty fish. They are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. The DHA and EPA present in Omega 3 fatty acid is an essential factor in brain functioning and growth. Recent researches have shown that kids and people having more of omega 3 in their diet have sharper minds. Tuna is also a great source for Omega 3. If salmon is not available add tuna to the diet of your child.
Eggs- Another great brain food for your kid is eggs. Eggs are packed with protein. The yolks in eggs are good source of choline, an essential ingredient required for memory development.
Peanut Butter- Both peanut as well as peanut butter are extremely rich and good sources of vitamin E. They antioxidants also protect the nervous membranes. Peanuts also contain thiamine that helps the nervous system in the body and the brain to use glucose. If your child is not allergic to nuts, add peanut or peanut butter to boost memory power.
Whole grains- The brain requires a constant intake of glucose. This requirement of glucose is fulfilled by whole grains. The fibre present in the whole grains regulate the release of glucose in our body. Whole grains are also a great source for B-vitamins. It is one food in your kid’s diet that will keep their brain active and nervous system healthy.

A mother’s concern is to always keep her child healthy. When you keep your child healthy with the right amount of food and good nutrients, the kid’s body develops well. As the brain is the main source of power and energy for the body, taking care of it is essential. These various food listed above and many more improves the development of the brain and boost the memory power of the individual. If you plan to improve the concentration power of your pre-schooler, start giving him these brain food along with some memory boosting brain exercise today!