Common myths about international school debunked

We come across many people, specially parents who send their children to schools who have many wrong notions about the school boards, especially the international boards. It is very much obvious that the choice of one’s school boards do have a huge influence on a student’s course of life. It is necessary to make the right choice and that can be done only when a person is fully aware of all the educational approaches. Both national and international boards have their own merits and demerits. These make up the schools. It is for the parents to figure which one is the best for their children. International schools in Singapore are running for more than ten years now, but still, there are people who are often misled by certain myths about international boards. Let us discuss some of them in order to break the wrong concept.

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International schools are meant for the students who aspire to go abroad :
This thought is not at all true. Before international boards came into a trend, there were students who went abroad for further studies after pursuing the higher secondary degree from any national board. Having studied in an international board makes one more recognizable since their certificates are widely accepted by all the foreign universities.

International school students do not get admission in National colleges :
This is so very wrong. All the International board students, especially the ones from Cambridge are accepted by most of the higher education institutions. This may often occur due to the system of reservations which students have to face at many levels.

International school students are not able to crack competitive exams :
Many people believe that the traditional curriculum provides in-depth knowledge about studies that are required for cracking competitive exams. But, it can be guaranteed that all international board schools do provide rigorous training in order to crack all kinds of examinations. They help a student chalk out a great career path.

Contents of international boards and national boards differ from one another :
This is another myth that prevails among people. All the boards teach the same matter which is appropriate for a student’s age.

A student cannot shift from one board to another :
A student can definitely and easily shift from one board to another till the grade eight. However, it is recommended to keep the board same for grade ninth and tenth as well as grade eleventh and twelfth, since it is a two-year programme.